Upon your move-out, we expect the condition of the home to be in top shape. The date you return the keys is your official move-out date.

All your furniture and personal items must be removed from the house before the keys are returned. You may not stay in the home after the keys are returned. You will not be allowed back in the rental to do additional cleaning. See the cleaning checklist and photos we have posted online for guidelines on what to clean before you vacate your rental.

Please return keys to the office during business hours or in the drop box after hours. When you drop off your keys, make sure they are labeled with your address.

Any tenant-related damage and/or repair that wasn’t specifically noted on your pre-occupancy report when you moved in should be corrected before your departure or the cost of the repair will be charged out of your security deposit.

Any items left behind will be destroyed, donated to charity or disposed of after 15 days of your move out. You will be charged for the time it takes to remove the items, and the disposal fee.

Make sure you have given us your forwarding address, if you have not already, by the time you turn in your keys. If we do not have a forwarding address for you, we will send any future mailing to the address you last rented from us and assume you have put in a change of address with the U.S. Postal Service.

Shortly after your keys are returned, your residence will be inspected. Refund of your deposit is contingent upon satisfactory completion of this inspection.

Please feel free to contact our office if you have any questions or need additional information during your moving process.

Click Here for Move-Out Photos